Coconut Oil

Benefits Of Eating Coconut Oil

There are many benefits of eating coconut oil because of the substances that are in it.

If you want a healthy life then you will surely want to use this kind of oil.

There are many kinds of oil that are produced daily and some of these are virgin oil, organic coconut oil, and corn oil.

These oils have different ways of producing and they have different amount of fats that are associated with them.

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Benefits Of Eating Coconut Oil

There are a lot of substances and food that are dangerous to our body.

Foods that contain high cholesterol will have a dangerous effect in your body because they will cause heart disease.

Cholesterol is used to make Vitamin D, some hormones, create bile salts, and build cell walls.

Our body normally produce 1 gram of cholesterol daily, which is enough for the body so that if you will not eat another burger then you will be fine.

But we can’t avoid eating high cholesterol food because of the trends in cooking.

We can use the benefits of eating coconut oil in order to counter these trends in cooking.

Coconut oil is not new today because it has been used thousands of years ago.

They are using this in order to minimize the fats that they will have when they will use oils.

One of the benefits of eating coconut oil is that it has lesser unsaturated fats compared to other oils.

That is why many cookbooks advertise coconut oil at the end of 19th century.

The benefits of eating coconut oil includes weight loss, maintaining cholesterol levels, stress relief, increased immunity because of Lauric acid produce by coconut oil, proper digestion and high metabolism, prevent heart diseases, lower blood pressure, bone care, and many more.

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Benefits Of Eating Coconut Oil In Daily Life

Many people would say that eating coconut oil is not good for you but they are wrong.

It contains 50% lauric acid which would prevent many kinds of heart problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Coconut oil contains many saturated fats which help in dealing with fungi, parasites, and other bacteria.

If you want to reduce weight then you should start eating coconut oil because it contains small fatty acids that help in reducing excessive weight.

This oil is easy to digest and thus increase the body metabolism by removing the stress on pancreas.

It would also improve the digestive system and prevent indigestion.

It is also good for the immune system because it contains antimicrobial lipids, capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid.

This acid would help your body to fight harmful bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and other harmful protozoa.

It would also prevent liver diseases because coconut oil would help the easy conversion of substances into energy when they reach the liver.

It would also prevent the kidney and gall bladder diseases because it would help in dissolving the kidney stones.

It would be healthy for you if you will start using coconut oil for cooking.

In this way, you would be able to fully enjoy your life with healthy and vigorous body even in your old age.

You will not experience obesity, high blood pressure and other diseases.

This is the time for you to get all the benefits of eating coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Good Or Bad?

The widespread use of coconut oil presents a dilemma whether coconut oil good or bad for health.

Before agreeing on which side to choose, you may take a glimpse at its history.

Throughout the years, coconut oil has been used for both medicine and food consumption.

For as long as anyone can remember, coconut oil has been recognized for its significance in the field of medicine.

Coconut oil was applied topically and taken internally combined with different plant extracts.

China, India and Egypt are just some of the examples of places that pay particular attention with the use of coconut oil for cure of different diseases in the olden times.

Is Coconut Oil Good Or Bad?

Is Coconut oil healthy or bad?

China dated 2000 years has listed the good use of coconut oil in treating more than 70 different kinds of diseases.  

In India, they used the coconut oil thousands of years ago with the Ayurvedic Medicine.

And a medicinal text with the traditional uses of coconut oil was uncovered in King Tutankhamen’s tomb dated 1300 B.C. in Egypt.

Nowadays, the particular use of coconut oil is kept alive by different types of traditional medicine around the world.

In recent years, different researches have been conducted to prove or present the good or bad effects of the use of coconut oil.

There has been a fallacy circulating in the worldwide web that coconut oil is bad for you.

Coconut oil is an example of a saturated fat.

It was believed to raise the cholesterol in your blood and can cause heart diseases and should be eliminated in your diet.

But on top of that, decades of researches can prove that coconut oil is really good for you.

Research has unveiled the secrets to the healing properties of the amazing coconut oil.

The existence of good cholesterol goes alongside the existence of good saturated fats per se.

When the saturated fat contained in the coconut oil is ingested, it is directly absorbed by the body through the portal vein in the liver.

To be precise, the coconut oil’s saturated fat is immediately absorbed by the body and can be immediately used by the body in the form of energy and there’s no more opportunity to be stored as a fat.

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Health Effects Of Coconut Oil

  • As a food, it can provide energy and nutrition whilst it is safe, nutritious and can also be eaten unprepared;
  • While it is a food, it has also an antibiotic property;
  • It can maintain homeostasis in your immune system—metabolism, healing, and defense mechanism and;
  • Chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, asthma, atherosclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, psoriasis and Sjogren’s are easier to stabilize.

The coconut oil has created a “boom” in the drug stores as “Virgin Coconut Oil.”

It has made an impact on the well and sick that it can either alleviate or relieve the symptoms felt by these people.

Later on, many different companies in the Philippines have created their own Virgin Coconut Oil, offering their best products in the niche market.

So, the production of coconut oil is gradually increasing and still continuing.

Which side are you?— Is coconut oil good or bad?

Coconut Oil

Can You Eat Coconut Oil

Can you eat coconut oil?

A friend asked me this question the other day while we were hanging out at our favourite coffee place.

Weird topic for a coffee date, I know, and I really don’t know why he asked that.

But his question was enough to ignite my curiosity, leaving me all afternoon to wonder about coconut oil of all things.

Can You Eat Coconut Oil?

As we all know, coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years as cooking oil, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, and even as an
alternative fuel.

Scientific researches have also shown that coconut oil, despite the high percentage of saturated fat that it contains, is actually helpful in preventing heart diseases like atherosclerosis (a condition in which fatty materials gather along artery walls).

And it improves our digestion leading to less amount of stomach-related problems, strengthen our immune system, and is helpful in reducing weight by increasing the body’s metabolism thus burning out more energy.

These benefits are due largely to the lauric acid found in coconut oil that our body converts to monolaurin which acts as antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and even fight HIV.

With all these positive effects how do we actually incorporate coconut oil in our diet or to quote my friend “can you eat coconut oil?”

Can You Eat Coconut Oil In Your Diet?

There are actually a lot of ways to eat coconut oil. For example, why not use it as bread spread.

Unlike the artery-cloggin margarine or butter, coconut oil can provide you with more positive health benefits.

I also know of some people who put coconut oil in their morning coffee or tea.

That way they can enjoy their daily caffeine kick while at the same time taking in a healthy dose of coconut oil.

For the health-conscious, you can add a spoonful of coconut oil while making your refreshing smoothies.

Adding coconut oil in your favourite drinks is a good way of taking it in.

If you have an adventurous palate then just literally eat the coconut oil, you know take a spoonful of it.

But we all know that the taste of coconut oil is not that good so it may take getting used to.

Here’s another tip, why not mixed it in your food?

Add a spoonful of it while you’re having your favourite yoghurt.

Or how about while making delicious pastries substitute some amount of coconut oil for whatever fat you’re using.

One friend of mine used coconut oil as an ingredient in her salad dressing and told me that her family quite enjoyed it.

But if you ask me, I most enjoyed eating coconut oil as candies.

Add a little bit of vanilla or cocoa, some sweetener or whatever it is you use in candy making.

Et voilà, coconut oil candies. Yummy!

Can You Eat Coconut Oil Daily?

It would also help if you do some research.

Try to read recipe books or surf the internet for ideas.

There are a lot of health sites that can give you tips on how to eat coconut oil.

Research can also give you additional knowledge on the different properties of coconut oil and its other uncommon benefits.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your creativity.

Hey, if you’re really clever maybe you can invent coconut oil sorbet!

Wouldn’t that be fascinating?

Be bold and experiment with your food and drinks and you’ll sure to find more ideas to incorporate coconut oil in your diet.

This way you can eat coconut oil and at the same time enjoy it. 

Can you eat coconut oil ?

Of course you can.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Skin Problems

Coconut oil for skin problems is very effective.

Coconut oil is popularly used for skin care primarily because it makes skin healthy and younger looking.

It also helps aging skin to rejuvenate due to the components which includes in the oil.

Coconut Oil for Skin Problems

The coconut oil, however, does not only refer for skin care and treatment but also have given a beneficial effect for hair care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, increased immunity , ingredient for weight loss, provide strong teeth and bones.  

All of the above, have proven as benefits of coconut oil on the skin, wherein it was discovered ages ago.

Since then, people used oil extracted coconut as a beauty aid and health management product especially for skin treatment.

Coconut Oil for Skin Problems Benefits

Here are some Coconut Oil for Skin Problems Benefits. 

In addition, coconut oil is rich of natural elements that support skin health.

Packed with blessings, coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids which are broken down by the normal flora  of the skin into free fatty acids which adds up to the acidic environment and fight against germ-causing-diseases.

Also, properties of coconut oil includes natural disinfectant, anti-fungal and anti-microbial contents , contribute to protect skin layers and aid healing on skin conditions like acne, rashes,eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin infections.

This is done through the conversion of lauric acid into monolaurin.

This monolaurin is said to be of great help in dealing with viruses and bacteria-causing diseases like influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus or even HIV.

It brings benefits of coconut oil on skin because these acids are effective against Candida – a yeastlike, parasitic fungus that can sometimes cause thrush.

It also helps safeguard the body from Athlete’s foot, exanthema, urticarial, and ringworms.

Nowadays, people use coconut oil for skin problems.  

As we grow old, our skin is already subjected to free-radical attacks causing damage. 

Due to the antioxidant ingredient that coconut oil produced, the effect of free-radicals in the body slows down.

An antioxidant is a molecule that interacts with radicals to terminate the chain of progress.

Examples of micronutrients that can be found in an antioxidant are Vitamin E, Beta- carotene and Vitamin C.

The benefits of coconut oil on skin are evident on body care products like lotions, soaps, creams, and other health or beauty products.

One of the many benefits of coconut oil on skin that most people would love is that it can diminish spots and acne.

This is done by exfoliating the skin, its microbial properties and its resemblance in heft and surface to the usual oils produced by the skin.

Did you know that blockages of pores of the skin cause blackheads?

Pores are blocked because of dead skin cells and dirt.

These results to pimples when the lump obstructs the natural body oil from evasion. Also, the oil is polluted by bacteria.

Lastly, coconut oil is the finest skin moisturizer.

Nowadays, coconut oil is used as massage oil and many have been successful in using it. Its usage is similar to mineral oil.

The best thing about the benefits of coconut oil on skin is that it doesn’t have any side effect aside from moisturizing your tender skin.

This makes the use of coconut oil safe while it prevents dryness and flaking.

As mentioned above, it delays the wrinkling and sagging of skin as a person ages.

Coconut Oil for Skin Problems Importance

Here is the Coconut Oil for Skin Problems importance

More benefits of coconut oil on skin include the help of reducing dark skin caused by too much exposure under the sun.

The ultraviolet rays that hit a person’s skin will damage some cells that are aimed to protect your skin from too much heat.

With the presence of the coconut oil, there will be an additional help for protection of skin.

Much have been said with coconut oil benefits and how it supports the skin to be healthy and coconut oil as treatment for skin problems.

So, why still stick with chemical-based skin treatments when a naturally made ingredient can improve your skin problems?

So use coconut oil for skin problems.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil for hair is not a secret for women in the Asia Pacific where the coconut tree is abundant.

In the Western world, people are still starting to discover the wonders of coconut oil for hair.

The coconut is not called the tree of life (or sometimes the tree of thousand uses) for nothing.

You can use its meat, shell, trunk and oil. Let’s discover how the coconut is not only useful for food or livelihood but for looking great too.

Coconut oil combats the acid that causes hair fall, it has antimicrobial properties, Vitamin E, and many others that will surely make our crowning glory at its best.

It is not a secret that we damage our hair every day.

We blow dry, we color it, we straight it, we curl, and let it undergo treatments as much as we can.

And we also spend hundreds of dollars just to keep it healthy and we usually fail.

We go to countless salons, we pay them for hair spa, for hot oil, and many other treatments that cause more bad than good to our hair.

This is where coconut oil for hair comes in.

It is one of nature’s miracles that take care of our crowning glory without burning out pockets.

Unique Treatment form Coconut Oil for Hair

Not like the treatments we buy in beauty shops or treatments we undergo in saloons, coconut oil lessens the loss of protein which keeps each hair strand strong.

The reason for this is that the contents of coconut oil are associated with protein.

This will surely make you hair strong with less split ends.

Aside from providing your hair with the protein that it needs to be able to regenerate, coconut oil for hair is also proven to treat baldness.

How many times have we dreamed of a young looking hair but cannot seem to have it without spending too much?

The California College of Ayurveda suggests the use of coconut oil in treating baldness.

The coconut’s antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties are highly moisturizing for your hair and scalp.

Use Coconut Oil for Hair

To use coconut oil for black hair to combat hair loss just spread the oil in your hair (especially in the balding area) by spreading it first in your palms.

Make sure to also massage your scalp (not scratch) with your fingertips to increase blood flow in the balding spot.

Let the oil absorb in your scalp by letting it set for a few hours, the more time, the better.

This will be mostly effective if you repeat this process every night before you got to bed.

This is more effective before you go to bed than before you go to the shower because it will give you scalp more time to absorb the oil.

Make sure to also use natural shampoo without strong chemicals. Another coconut oil miracle is that it can also treat dandruff.

As mentioned earlier, unlike other treatments, coconut oil does not remove the hair’s natural properties and is also a great moisturizer.

To be able to do this, you just follow with the same steps discussed earlier in treating bald spots.

Make sure to focus in areas with dandruff.

It is now proven that surely, coconut oil for hair  growth is one of the most effective natural beauty regimens today that does not cost much but the effect is truly priceless.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Skin is the Best Skin Care

Coconut oil for skin is the best skin care.

Who said Coconut Oil for Skin now is nothing compared to this modern skin care products?

Coconut Oil is the Best Skin Care

Everyone now a day’s spending a lot of buying some of this skin care products.

Without them, knowing that there could be some possible harmful side effects of each of this.

So, apart from knowing that they have already wasted so much money, they are also at risk to try these chemicals.

Then again, we can always get back to nature and allow them to supply our needs in our bodies.

What is a healthy, young looking, and soft as baby skin, there is coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is the Best Skin Care Reasons

Here are some coconut oil for skin is the best skin care reasons:

Coconut oil is one of the regime skin cares and trusted in traditional places, especially in tropical countries base.

People in some places it can tell and explain the advantages and surprising good results for your skin.

Also like last year it had already been tried and tested by some laboratory scientists to coconut oil for the skin are much more effective and safer than any of the new chemical-based products for moisturizing the skin.

Except for its price tag cheap gross benefits that you will win are simply a number of times inside and outside the body.

While some commercial products based is simply too expensive for the “best result”, and the scope of “good results”.

Where you do not know how it works, unless you want to try it and see for yourself.

Coconut Oil is the Best Skin Care Benefits

There are loads of coconut oil for skin is the best skin care benefits

Most products contain skin hydration water.

As the water absorbed by the skin, immediately enters the tissue and spreads through the skin, dry fallen fading process and now will look and feel soft.

But it is only temporary.

Unlike coconut oil for skin antioxidants are exhausted fighting against “free radicals” to cause permanent damage to tissues and causes it to decompose.

Another benefit of coconut oil for skin reduces the appearance of a liver spots or brown spots.

This spot due to free radical degradation of lipids (fats) in our skin, over exposure to sunlight.

As we are exposed to the sun, the coconut oil for skin helps to reduce or minimize the damage caused by the sun.

Coconut oil for skin is not only beautifying, but also good for the skin to treat common ailments such as fungal and bacterial infections.

The Antiseptic fatty acids, which are included in the coconut oil, will help prevent the spread of skin infections.

Since it was consumed, and to some extent, where it is directly applied from the infected area.

Another simple benefits of coconut oil for the skin:

• Helps keep skin soft and silky

• It Helps prevent premature aging

• Helps protect against skin rashes and other blemishes

• Provides requirements for vitamin E

• Can also be an effective prevention of scalp problems

The facts mentioned above are just a few of the hundreds of good benefits by using Coconut Oil.

So it does not mean that the higher price was the best result, it could give. Because there are few products that cannot be too expensive or cheap, but cannot always keep your needs.

But as a skin moisturizer that not only safe but also that it is effective and very affordable there’s always coconut oil for skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

Coconut oil for stretch marks is the cheapest, most effective remedy for this dilemma.

It contains several nutrients that aid in the healing of stretch marks.

Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

Coconut oil is well known for treating these unwanted and unpleasant scars.

The oil is extracted from a matured kernel of a coconut.

Coconut trees are commonly found in tropical places where there is sufficient rainfall and sunshine along with high levels of humidity.

Coconut oil for is an appropriate treatment because it contains anti oxidants that combat free radicals that damage the skin’s connective tissue.

Stretch Marks Causes

Here are some coconut oil for stretch marks causes.

Stretch marks are scars on the skin caused by rapid skin stretching and tearing up of the skin’s connective tissue.

They are unavoidable and usually seen during pregnancy, puberty and weight gain.

They appears as red or purple lines in the skin in parts of the body where fat is stored as well as in growth spurt areas such as the upper arm, abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts.

Stretch Marks Advice

Here is some coconut oil for stretch marks advice. 

Pregnant women are the most likely concerned individuals with this problem, that’s why they are oftentimes advised to use coconut oil for stretch marks.

Stretch marks from pregnancy are the most difficult, stubborn and unsightly stretch marks you will ever see.

They are deeper, thicker and darker compared to the ones that occur during puberty and weight gain.

Stretch marks in pregnancy form during the sixth or seventh month of child bearing making it advisable to use coconut oil for stretch marks before and after those periods.

Many people say that “Beauty is only skin deep” but let’s face it, we all want to look attractive from the outside as well.

Bearing beautiful skin is simply a reflection of how we take care of ourselves.

It also manifests how we deal with our personal hygiene.

It is common for women to be stressing about stretch marks after giving birth.

Coconut oil not only makes it easier to get rid of this problem, it also protects our skin from the many lifestyle factors that affects our skin’s health.

The skin is the largest and most extensive organ of the human body.

It protects us in so many remarkable ways.

The skin shields our body organs and tissues against injuries and from the external forces present in our environment.

Furthermore, it assists our immune system by serving as an armor against bacteria and some diseases.

Coconut oil works well in improving the conditions of stretch marks.

It is the highest natural source of medium triglycerides which strengthens the skin even after child birth.

Using coconut oil everyday will help nourish the skin and keep it elastic.

Coconut oil plays an important role in skin care since it has many beneficial effects that promote healthy skin.

Coconut oil is the richest source of Vitamin E.

It is an anti oxidant which is full of moisture and therefore works in synergy with coconut oil , minimizing the scars while keeping the skin soft and hydrated.

Vitamin E and coconut oil are often compounded together in several beauty preparations because of their favorable effects on the skin together.

These days, coconut oil is widely available everywhere.

Significantly, coconut oil is the best and fastest, non-invasive effective way in treating stretch marks.

Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

There are so many benefits of coconut oil on skin that can be gained.

You may have read a lot about the many benefits of coconut oil and its uses,  there are actually lots of benefits that one can get from drinking this oil, or from just directly applying it to your skin. 

In this article we will just focus on the benefits of coconut oil on skin.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

Let’s talk about the thing that makes coconut oil amazing, the lauric acid that is found in coconut oil is converted to monolaurin once it is processed inside our body.

The monolaurin is the one that will fight off harmful bacteria, and that’s not the only thing that monolaurin can do, it will also help in detoxifying our internal organs helping us clear out the harmful toxins that are occupying our body.

In a research conducted by the Center of Disease Control[1], monolaurin has exhibited quite extraordinary ability to fend off multiple types of diseases such as:

  • Rubeola
  • Influenza,
  • RVS,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Epstein Barr,
  • Newcastle’s, and
  • Cytomegalovirus

Monolaurin has also been cited to be effective against fungal infections such as:

  • Staph
  • Chlamydia
  • Giardia.

Coconut oil beneficial on skin Reasons

There are several coconut oil beneficial on skin reasons.

Virgin coconut oil is actually very beneficial to your skin because it’s high in lauric acid, and lauric acid is a fatty acid which is a powerful anti oxidant that fights off those free radicals that are attacking your cells and your skin.

That is one of the benefits that we can get from using coconut oil in our skin.

Our skin is filled with these connected fibers, and these connected fibers start to break down as we get old and that’s because these free radicals are attacking them which is because of our environment such as pollution or because of our strenuous lifestyle.

The difference between using pure virgin coconut oil and plain coconut oil is how it melts on the skin, so if you use just a normal coconut it’s not going to melt on your skin straight away from your body heat.

With pure virgin coconut oil it actually absorbs really quickly and you can also tell by the smell of it and the taste.

Most facial creams nowadays are mainly composed of water, and once our skin is dry, it immediately becomes flaky and irritable and may even cause acne, and some other various skin ailments.

That’s why instead of using lotions, it would be better to use the natural oil due to the fact that it has natural vitamin e, and other helpful minerals that will help in keeping germs and other harmful bacteria on your skin.

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Healing benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin

There are also a number of healing benefits of coconut oil on skin. 

Coconut oil can also be used in treating various skin diseases such as cracked heels, psoriasis, and eczema.

While the benefits of coconut oil on skin are many, there are also a number of ways that this oil can beneft your hair

You can rub your scalp with coconut oil to reduce dandruff.

Coconut oil can also be used as hair conditioner.

There is a difference between using coconut oil and using pure virgin coconut oil, it is how it is extracted which is really important.

So instead using chemicals or heat to extract the oil it is actually cold press so it’s a benefit to your skin and it’s benefits is absolutely amazing.

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of Coconut oil on skin, we can now say that this is truly miracle oil, these are just citations, wouldn’t it be nice if we can really test that on our own skin and be a witness to this greatness.

Coconut Oil

How to Eat Coconut Oil?

How to eat coconut oil in an easy and accessible ways concern most of the people interested in taking it as a daily supplement.

Most of them indulged coconut oil as a poorman’s drugstore because of its positive effect in the overall health of a person.

You know how to use coconut oil but do you know how to eat it.

Coconut oil is digestible oil extracted from the coconut meat. It is highly nutritious and  beneficial to maintain good health status.

It has essential composition that can help to contest viruses, bacterias and parasites.

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There are three most common ways on how to eat coconut oil:

  1. Incorporating it on food
  2. Eating certain coconut products
  3. Eating raw coconuts


Incorporating or mixing coconut oil in your meals is one of the most popular ways on how to eat coconut oil.

And it  will be equivalent to the basic recommended intake of 3.5 tablespoon daily of coconut oil.

In some tropical countries which are abundant in coconuts specifically in the Philippines, they use coconut oil as well as coconut milk as the main ingredient of their foods.

It is one of the most familiar and frequent ways on eating coconut oil in the country.

Especially in their local desserts like rice cakes, coconut macaroons, buko pandan and certain kinds of puddings.

Blending and adding it in your daily food will help you to intake coconut oil without actually noticing it.

If your a fan of drinking coffee every morning or even throughout the day, adding a tablespoon or two to your coffee will give you a boost of energy that will be favorable in doing your daily tasks.

Having a salad with coconut oil dressing is one of the most common alternatives too or if you love having a pasta dish adding coconut oil in the sauce is also good source of its nutrients.

If you have seafood and meat cravings, adding coconut oil in the sauce will also very beneficial.

Even substituting your regular cooking oil with coconut oil is also a good alternative.

In addition of coconut oil as a twist in your favorite food will give you certain nutrients without sacrifing its taste.


If you are too busy accomplishing your daily targets, there are certain products that are available in the market.

It is one of the most practicable ways on how to eat coconut oil.

Coconut jam, coconut juice, coconut cream, banana chips, coconut water have an ample amount coconut nutrients.

But one of the most popular product is the organic virgin coconut oil.

It has no chemicals and preservatives added. With an affordable price, it is very accessible in the market place.


The last alternative on how to eat coconut oil is to eat raw coconuts.

Uncooked coconut is equivalent to 3 to 4 tabalespoon of coconut oil.


Benefits of coconut oil is endless. Taking coconut oil helps to combat certain diseases like constipation, concentration and memory loss, asthma, colds and aches.

It also  has positive actions on cancer, tuberculosis and pakinsons.

Can lower cholesterol and boost energy which is beneficial in loosing excessive body weights.

Aside from its health advantages in fighting certain diseases, coconut oil has also a positive effect in one’s skin and hair.

Learning how to eat coconut oil in a right and atypical approach will be very helpful in the present and future health status of the people around the world.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

For the past few years, many natural-based beauty products have been introduced to the market including coconut oil moisturizer.

In fact there was a sudden boom in the demand for natural-based products because of increasing customer awareness to the ill effects of synthetic beauty products.

And among the natural beauty products present in the market, coconut based cosmetics tops the statistics for demand.

There’s really no surprise why coconut oil moisturizer is sought after by many coconut oil skin care customers who wish to have smoother, fairer, and softer skin.

That is because it has been proven both by science and long tradition that coconut oil is a very effective, if not the most effective, skin moisturizer produced by nature.

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Coconut Oil for Your Skin

Coconut oil moisturizer is not like the ordinary type of cosmetic products.

It stands by the principle of “skin rejuvenation”, instead of direct removal.

Many people have the wrong notion that skin problems related to ageing such as wrinkles and other signs of ageing can only be treated by removal of these signs and symptoms.

But the real score is that no matter what you do, it’s almost impossible to remove them unless you have a plastic surgery for your face.

Unless the literal fountain of youth is discovered, the only thing that can be done and that is 100% effective is to rejuvenate the skin.

It’s something like natural rehabilitation that is aimed at making the cells of your skin younger compared to normal.   

In the tropical regions of the world, coco oil has long been used to moisturize skin.

The use of such “wonder” oil for skin moisturizing is actually a long-standing tradition in these places. 

However, its use is not just limited to that as coco oil is also used as medicine and even as fuel.

In fact, in countries where coconut oil extraction is a major industry, people revere the coconut tree as the tree of life.

Science on the other hand has several explanations why using a coconut oil moisturizer is more effective than synthetic ones that are usually based in water.

Water soothes the skin to the extent that even wrinkles can be eliminated, but only for a certain amount of time.

That is because when water on the skin dries up, its soothing and smoothing effects also vanish.

In other words, skin treatment by water is temporary and never permanent.

Coconut oil moisturizer on the other hand has the skin soothing effects of water minus the time limit.

And that is because coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that deter ageing and it has lots of Vitamin E, which is responsible for having healthy skin.  

Using Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Using a coconut oil moisturizer over synthetic ones has several big time advantages that give your skin additional perks such as elimination of liver spots, prevention of bacterial contamination on the skin, and removal of dead skin cells minus the side effects of some chemicals present in synthetic cosmetic products.

It is said that having a beautiful or handsome face is a gift, but there’s more than just that to achieving beauty.  

Beauty, after all, is an intrinsic quality that is best defined by one’s skin.

But mind you, we’re not talking about skin color, breed, or race.

Because no matter what color you have, what race you belong to, or what breed you were born to, skin beauty has always been about smoothness, softness, fairness, and texture. 

And needless to say, proper moisturizing is always the key to replenishing ageing skin.

But not just any moisturizing, it should be natural and it should be through the use of nothing less than a coconut oil moisturizer.