Is coconut oil good or bad
Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Good Or Bad?

The widespread use of coconut oil presents a dilemma whether coconut oil good or bad for health.

Before agreeing on which side to choose, you may take a glimpse at its history.

Throughout the years, coconut oil has been used for both medicine and food consumption.

For as long as anyone can remember, coconut oil has been recognized for its significance in the field of medicine.

Coconut oil was applied topically and taken internally combined with different plant extracts.

China, India and Egypt are just some of the examples of places that pay particular attention with the use of coconut oil for cure of different diseases in the olden times.

Is Coconut Oil Good Or Bad?

Is Coconut oil healthy or bad?

China dated 2000 years has listed the good use of coconut oil in treating more than 70 different kinds of diseases.  

In India, they used the coconut oil thousands of years ago with the Ayurvedic Medicine.

And a medicinal text with the traditional uses of coconut oil was uncovered in King Tutankhamen’s tomb dated 1300 B.C. in Egypt.

Nowadays, the particular use of coconut oil is kept alive by different types of traditional medicine around the world.

In recent years, different researches have been conducted to prove or present the good or bad effects of the use of coconut oil.

There has been a fallacy circulating in the worldwide web that coconut oil is bad for you.

Coconut oil is an example of a saturated fat.

It was believed to raise the cholesterol in your blood and can cause heart diseases and should be eliminated in your diet.

But on top of that, decades of researches can prove that coconut oil is really good for you.

Research has unveiled the secrets to the healing properties of the amazing coconut oil.

The existence of good cholesterol goes alongside the existence of good saturated fats per se.

When the saturated fat contained in the coconut oil is ingested, it is directly absorbed by the body through the portal vein in the liver.

To be precise, the coconut oil’s saturated fat is immediately absorbed by the body and can be immediately used by the body in the form of energy and there’s no more opportunity to be stored as a fat.

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Health Effects Of Coconut Oil

  • As a food, it can provide energy and nutrition whilst it is safe, nutritious and can also be eaten unprepared;
  • While it is a food, it has also an antibiotic property;
  • It can maintain homeostasis in your immune system—metabolism, healing, and defense mechanism and;
  • Chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, asthma, atherosclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, psoriasis and Sjogren’s are easier to stabilize.

The coconut oil has created a “boom” in the drug stores as “Virgin Coconut Oil.”

It has made an impact on the well and sick that it can either alleviate or relieve the symptoms felt by these people.

Later on, many different companies in the Philippines have created their own Virgin Coconut Oil, offering their best products in the niche market.

So, the production of coconut oil is gradually increasing and still continuing.

Which side are you?— Is coconut oil good or bad?